Air source heat pump hot water machine

"Air source heat pump hot water machine" and "heating of the heat pump” are doing hot water on the surface. This is the most main reason, mislead a lot of people want to solve this mystery, to seriously think about these two kinds of hot water or hot water application system is not the same place.
Purpose is to meet life hot water machine with hot water
 Its working principle is to put a tank of water from the tap water heated to a temperature can use temperature, in the process of heating, have been added heat is stored in the water, until the heat accumulation to the water temperature can be used. Can call this process static heating, heating this static characteristic is: (1) heating to the target temperature, heat is accumulated to the inside of the water. (2) after the target temperature, the heating stops, users start to use. 
Only need to pay attention to the target temperature is reached, therefore in the pursuit of high temperature hot water machine to take precedence over the pursuit of efficiency.
maintain the room at a certain temperature
Heating of the heat pump's purpose is to meet the needs of heating room, to maintain the room at a certain temperature, the heating of the features are: (1) heating pump is a continuous uninterrupted, heated room also in the consumption quantity of heat at the same time. (2) the size of the added heat energy. Due to the heat of the room with the seasons, climate, time, habits, building features, such as changing, so the most basic features are: heating of the heat pump load regulation ability and can effect comparing, with the use of large area of low temperature heat sink for water supply temperature instead of the objectives of the heating of the heat pump.
the heating demand need a larger quantity of heat
Compared with the hot water demand and the heating demand need a larger quantity of heat, running time is longer. For example, hot water consumed by the heating of the heat equivalent to only about 11% of the consumption quantity of heat. So the high low temperature of heating of the heat pump can effect comparing, its energy saving effect and economic benefits are more significant, is more easy to back through energy saving investment.