Air source heat pump heating, which end is cheaper

Air source heat pump and air source water heater of the two different address are the same kind of equipment.Only in the different application field, caused the people to its address is also different. Air source heat pump is a clean energy heating equipment, can reasonable use of air energy, make a lot of hot water. 
Air energy be The EU's approval of a new type of clean energy, heat coming from the sun light, the biology, industrial facilities, emissions of heat, even though we don't notice at ordinary times, but are actually is present in the air, these are all air energy. What about how air source heat pump for heating, is very simple, heat pump heating, heat release at the end. End, there are four common heating radiator, fan coil, floor heating machine, floor heating pipes.
Radiator in the north, from door to door in the coal to electricity engineering, have a lot of old houses using radiator + air source heat pump.But strictly speaking, this plan is not the most appropriate, because the cooling performance of radiator generally, requirements for hot water temperature is higher, need more than 60 ℃.Manufacturing hot water temperature is higher, the air source heat pump power, the greater the electricity bills.
Fan coil units and floor heating machines are manufactured using the hot blast of hot air equipment, provide the temperature by direct blowing hot air.Due to direct contact with human body heat, rather than through the dielectric heating radiator, so need hot water temperature is lower than radiator.Daily heating less electricity, the end of the installation is not expensive, spending on the economy as a whole is cheaper.
Finally, floor heating pipe comfort used to many people praise.Cover wide, temperature stability, heat and cold too flat and so on, these are advantages.But it is also the most obvious disadvantage is biggest expense is too expensive. Die erste installation, laid floor heating layer, apart from cost a lot of time, cost is higher than the radiator and floor heating machine.Although once and for all of floor heating, long service life, but the corresponding, preventive maintenance, is also a fee for a long time.
Generally speaking, radiator, air source heating floor machine and the cost of the fan coil overall cost is low, suitable for most of the houses, according to the actual situation of their own, on-demand pick.The floor heating pipe is used for better heating experience more spending.