Air source heat pump heating these five points must know

Household heating when installed air source heat pump good

Air source heat pump, water heater can not only provide bathing, cooking hot water demand, but also with the appropriate end to provide a comfortable heating effect. In the north, the use of warm air pipe is one of the most comfortable way of heating. Air can be used in conjunction with the warm pipe, only 35 ℃ above the hot water can be achieved in the normal indoor heating. If you want to install the warm pipe, it is best in the new house before laying the floor with the manufacturers to communicate in advance to calculate the heat load required for residential, heat pump selection. And a reasonable plan to warm the home to install the location of the pipeline, designed to warm layer, so as to achieve the perfect heating effect.

What is the air source water heater heating speed?

The heating rate of the air source water heater depends mainly on the quality of the internal compressor. The quality of the compressor is also a reference factor for the identification of air source water heater grades. Good air source heat pump products, is also a good compressor, exhaust pressure, running noise is small. In the environment of dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of 28 ℃, 22 ℃, initial water temperature of 29 ℃ and termination of water temperature of 55 ℃, the full-effect model is used in the environment of only 30 minutes of heating, you can achieve up to 200L of hot water continuous water.

Can you directly remove the old water heater at home and install a new air source water heater?

Air source water heater type, divided into one unit, split unit, and integrated units are also wall-mounted small units, installation location flexibility, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor air-conditioned bits can be installed. Most of the air source water heater can be directly used household voltage, as long as the location of the water heater installed socket can provide electricity, there are pipes can be connected to meet the installation conditions.

How high is the heating temperature of the air source water heater?

For the air source water heater heating temperature limit, China has the relevant provisions, not less than 55 ℃. But in fact the sale of most of the air source water heater can reach more than 60 ℃, or even higher. However, if the temperature is greater than 75 ℃, the probability of generating scale will increase, so the home air source water heater is generally the maximum temperature is 75 ℃. According to a large number of facts have proved that suitable for the human body to take a bath of hot water temperature is 37 ~ 45 ℃, even taking into account the mixing valve against a large number of cold water situation, but also can guarantee daily bath.

Air source heating heat pump how much power

Air source heat pump is different from the traditional electric water heater will be converted into thermal energy, it depends on the inverse Carnot principle of heating, through the refrigerant to absorb the energy of the air, the use of compressor power to work this part of the energy into heat. So the heating energy efficiency is very high, power saving effect is remarkable. A 3P air source heating heat pump, in minus 20 ℃ environment with the heating pipe to warm, to achieve the water temperature of 45 ℃, the daily power consumption of about 2 degrees, electricity in accordance with 0.5 yuan / kWh, then the day's expenditure is 1 yuan, A month of electricity a total of 20 to 30 yuan.

Energy saving and environmental protection and safe, air source heat pump is indeed the best choice for home heating and hot water