Air source heat pump heating, if can change radiator to floor heating

Recently, a user issued such a question, he said, "his family had used the radiator for heating, but the radiator is not very comfortable to use, I feel no other home to warm, so he would like to take advantage of not yet to the heating season , he want change his home radiator to floor heating, do not know whether it can?

At present, the floor heating to rely on heating fast, indoor surface temperature uniformity, good air quality, heat from the foot of the body meet the physiological needs of the body, has become the industry recognized the most comfortable heating method. So many people in the new home decoration installation heating, most do not hesitate to choose to floor heating, and even a lot of people in the already renovated home, demolition of the door to install the floor heating.

Then if the radiator can be directly changed to floor heating ?

Most of the radiator for the metal material, cooling effect is not so warm, so in order to make the radiator warmer, heating with hot water temperature must be high (generally above 60 ℃, and some can even reach 80 ℃); and to warm the pipeline, because buried in the floor, the heat dissipation effect is better, heating with the hot water temperature is usually only about 45 ℃.

Therefore, the floor heating pipeline at the time of the original design, is about 45 ℃ water temperature to design, if forced with 80 ℃ hot water heating, floor heating pipe for a long time at high temperatures, not only will lead to warm pipe deformation, aging, reduce the warm pipeline life, and even cause a warm pipe burst, to the family and personal property, personal safety to bring great harm.

Finally, the radiator into the air source heat pump floor heating, underground coil resistance will become larger, it is easy because of poor circulation, and affect the indoor heating effect. Therefore, it is not recommended that we will be converted into radiator to floor heating.