Air source heat pump heating end radiator, why do not you love it?

It is already in early August. In a few months, the heating season began. In northern China's heating, the "coal to electricity" is the main theme, so the air can heat pump this clean energy heating equipment, began to pop up.

However, in a large number of cases, we found a phenomenon: in the transformation of the old house, there are some air source heat pump and radiator with the use of examples. But in the new project, but almost do not see the air source heat pump + radiator program. Air source heat pump and radiator heating program is so unpopular?

For example, if the heating time, hot water temperature is 50 ℃, the target room temperature is 20 ℃, then the temperature difference is 30 ℃. If it is cooling, water temperature calculated by 10 ℃, room temperature requirements of 25 ℃, the temperature difference is 15 ℃. The area of the radiator required for heating is twice as large as the area of the radiator required for cooling. Which led to the radiator can only be used for heating, not suitable for cooling. Now a lot of air source heat pump production enterprises, have produced a heating and cooling multi-function heat pump unit. In many projects, are a set of equipment to meet the needs of the project throughout the year, then, the limitations of the radiator exposed.

Then there is the problem of water temperature. We all know that the reason why air-source heat pump can become a lot of areas, "coal to electricity," the most important equipment, it is because of its environmental protection and energy saving features. Heat pump from the air to get heat, with very high efficiency to produce hot water 55 ℃. In the winter heating, the heating film required hot water temperature may reach 60 ℃ or even 70 ℃. Winter temperature has been low, from 0 ℃ to 60 ℃, the temperature difference, heat pump heating efficiency COP will decline, equipment, energy consumption increased significantly, so just like the purpose of energy-saving heating contrary, it is unreasonable.

In addition to the above two points, there is a problem of backwater temperature difference. The relevant provisions indicate that the radiator effluent, return water temperature difference between 15 ~ 20 ℃. While the air source heat pump temperature difference is only embarrassing 5 ℃. There is a huge difference in traffic, to really transform, the difficulty is not small.

So in most of the projects, as long as there are other heating methods, such as geothermal pipe or fan coil can be selected, we generally do not choose radiator. Fan coil heating, only 40 ℃ below the warm water. Air source heat pump to the hot water directly to the wind plate, the wind will be hot water into hot air, to achieve the whole house heating. Hot air warm, not dry, even higher than the air conditioning comfort. And if you choose geothermal pipe, then the same does not need too high temperature of hot water and heat from the ground came out, the same comfort than the radiator.