Air source heat pump heating efficiency is 400 percent

Air source heat pump although hung "heat pump" name, but it's usage of equipment, can provide central heating, hot water, can also bring us cool in the summer.A device that has hit the market, must be more significant because of its advantage.Air source heat pump as the equipment of the new era, and followed the pace of The Times, of course, have some advantages is different from traditional equipment.
Mention air source heat pump, not open around one word is energy saving.How to understand the energy saving?Very simple, save electricity is energy saving.How to save electricity?Have the same heat energy, the less electricity consumption, and of course the more save electricity.And to reflect whether a heating device to save electricity parameters COP. 
Heating can effect comparing the COP is defined as such: the equipment is in the process of heat/heating power.Air source heat pump when entering the market, energy efficient and is famous for. Let's look at the traditional heating system: the fuel boiler heating efficiency is about 65%;Electric boiler heating efficiency is 95%, and natural gas boiler heating efficiency is 75%.On the market, by contrast, some air source heat pump, under certain conditions the highest heating efficiency can reach above 400%.Several times the other heating equipment heating efficiency, can save a lot of electricity in everyday use, creating a certain economic benefits. 
Why air source heat pump can achieve such a high heating efficiency, the reason of course was out on the heating principle of its different.By rights, so much of the heat generated by the air source heat pump, it should be consumed? NO. Heat pump is a porter, does not generate heat.Now known as the "air source heat pump", natural refrigerant can use, to extract heat from the air, the use of this part of the free heat, used in heating.Driven heat pump heat removal from the air only need electricity, so less consumption.Close to electricity, coal and fuel consumption, environmental protection to the next level.
Generate a lot of hot water heat pump, nature can realize heating and hot water supply.Hot water supply, air source heat pump just need to heat pump are connected to the pipe, after the completion of the heat pump in heating, hot water through the pipe to multiple point with water.Can be a one-time countless water at the end of the hot water demand.On heating, heat pump and fan coil units, radiator and floor heating pipes, or let the hot water cycle back and forth in the floor heating pipe, through the "heat" meet heating.Or let the terminal receives the hot water, hot air, in the form of active thermal convection heating.
Say so many, so the heat pump refrigeration? Actually just like air conditioning, also is to use the compressor, the use of cold media, will reverse the process of heating, heat through the fan to the outside, the cold air to stay indoors. the outside, the cold air to stay indoors.