Air source heat pump for winter maintenance simply four

Heat pump industry development up to now, although people enjoy it energy saving, comfortable, environmental protection, such as the gospel, but it also has its own limitations.Due to technical limitations, some products can't normal operation in low temperature environment, it has become the key factors which restrict the development of the air energy. Just think, in the cold winter, the temperature was very low, if in frost weather, if not timely protection, will seriously affect the normal operation of heat pump.As the technology matures, the air source heat pump in a timely manner to do a good job of protection, even in the winter frost will not be afraid.
A. Clean is very important
At ordinary times must pay attention to clean machine work, completes the maintenance.Check important parts and check the unit line earnestly, is very important to the reliability and stability of the heat pump units.Especially for automatic running equipment heat pump units, the appropriate check is necessary.
B. Strengthen the pipe heat preservation effect
Pipeline heat preservation for the engineering quality, is very important.If the outside air temperature is too low, the bare pipe temperature will follow down, water is the direct consequence of the pipe also fell.To big say will affect the indoor temperature.Distributor should have the consciousness of the protection pipe, to do a good job of protective pipe before cooling, in time for pipeline plus "appearance".
At the same time can also according to the need for unit set up sunshine shed, rain and snow.
C.Select the appropriate water tank system
Cycle machine is about to use a water tank size heating mode, for example, in the original system to add a heating water tank, this kind of means for each type of project, but in a large engineering project is particularly appropriate.Cold area, the air energy not can be run 24 hours a day, especially during the winter in some areas, only 15 ℃ low temperature at night, the day can wander around zero.So air energy run time of the unit during the day, basic after heating radiator heat storage water tank into the store.
D.The host frost
Host must be thoroughly frost in winter, if the frost is not completely after start the host, can make the host is icy, but also the knot, the more into the vicious circle, lead to host cannot work normally.