Air conditioning room too dry? Why not try air source heat pump

Summer, we all day retreat in the air-conditioned room, do not want to go out. However, long stay in the air-conditioned room, not only make people dry skin, but also lead to a lot of respiratory diseases. This is because the human respiratory mucosa requires a certain degree of humidity, if the indoor air is too dry, will be to some extent to speed up the aging of the mucosa, resulting in uncomfortable respiratory conditions.

Air source heat pump is a can be used for heating, hot water and summer cooling equipment, it can set a variety of functions in one, such as heating and heating water, heating and cooling. With the traditional air conditioning heating (cooling) is different from the air source heat pump is used in the "water cycle", first of all, the use of refrigerant for heat transfer, the heat (cooling) through the hot / cold exchange process into the water, and then transported to end, in order to achieve the whole house heating (cooling).

Winter heating, the air source heat pump to use the warm end, the heat from the foot, giving a warm feeling of warm feet, very consistent with the body health, is the most comfortable way of heating.

Summer cooling, the air source heat pump use water forthe heat transfer medium, the air temperature will not be as low as the fluorine cycle, more in line with human physiological characteristics. More importantly, the water cycle cooling will not let the room too dry, so there will not be dry mouth dry phenomenon.

In addition, the air source heat pump cooling can also warm the pipeline through the low temperature water to achieve the purpose of reducing the indoor temperature, the advantages of this cooling method is not a sense of cold, will not drive indoor dust, giving a Spring-like comfortable temperature. It can be said, whether it is heating or cooling, air source heat pump are perfect traditional air conditioning.