Air Source Heat Pump Throttle Device and Its Function

The air source heat pump throttling device has a throttle step-down and adjusts the superheat of the refrigeration system and the amount of refrigerant circulation. In other words, the throttling device is one of the four components that are indispensable to the refrigeration and heat pump system Refrigerant flow, the establishment of the system of high and low pressure difference important role. Now give you a detailed description of the air source heat pump throttling device - electronic expansion valve, thermal expansion valve, capillary.

1. Electronic expansion valve

Electronic expansion valve is the use of electrical signals directly control the expansion valve on the current or voltage to change the needle movement of the throttle device, responsive and accurate flow control range, you can schedule the program, according to the actual operation of the system when the evaporator signal control The It can accurately control the evaporation temperature, fully closed or fully open state can be completed in a few seconds time, the degree of frost is not very serious areas, electronic expansion valve can be fully open the way to bypass defrost.

2. Thermal expansion valve

The thermostatic expansion valve (thermostatic control valve, automatic control valve) adjusts the refrigerant flow into the evaporator based on the refrigerant temperature flowing out of the evaporator. Thermal expansion valve for small and medium heat pump system, some use of new working fluid or mixed refrigerant pump may not be able to buy the corresponding thermal expansion valve, you need to experimentally determine the specifications of the model, the purchase of its thermal properties close to the expansion valve.

3. Capillary

Capillary is a length of 0.5m ~ 5m, diameter 0.5mm ~ 3mm fine copper tube, the structure is very simple, low cost, welding between the condenser and the evaporator, the general will not leak and other failures. Capillary to a certain extent with automatic adjustment of the refrigerant flow function, suitable for small and medium heat pump device. However, due to smaller diameter, narrow channel, prone to dirty block and ice block, the flow of regulation capacity is limited.