Affected by coal to electricity, air source heat pump is popular

With the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of national energy-saving emission reduction, high-polluting and high-energy coal-fired boiler equipment gradually withdraw from the stage of history, air-source heat pump and other clean heating equipment gradually into the tens of thousands of households.

To warm as the most comfortable way of heating in the north accounted for a very high, and most of the southern air-conditioning to the main use of warm to the less. However, the southern consumers to improve the quality of life also makes the proportion of southern heating is rising year by year, of which more and more families like to live a comfortable warm life.

To warm have the ground to warm and the water to warm two type , the former easy to install, slightly higher operating costs, the latter installation is complex, slightly lower operating costs. Air source heat pump is a kind of only a small amount of energy, can absorb a lot of free heat in the air to heat the device, heating the end can be warm air can also be warm water.

As we all know, air conditioning heating, although convenient, but the comfort is very poor. Because the air conditioning heat concentrated in the upper part of the human body, the most need to warm the foot often do not feel warm. And the air energy to warm on the contrary, the heat from the foot and slowly upward delivery, giving a warm feeling of warm head, in line with the Chinese medicine to promote health theory, very comfortable.

As for people in the concern of energy conservation, the air source heat pump is currently the most advantageous. Only a small amount of energy to drive, absorb a lot of low-grade air in the air to heat, power consumption is only about a quarter of electricity to warm. Moreover, the air source heat pump can be household, sub-room control, want to open on the open, want to close off, more convenient than the central heating.

Because of the energy-saving environmental protection, safe and comfortable features, air source heat pump in the north "coal to electricity" stand out, become the majority of residents most respected and favorite way of heating.