A lot of heating effect for air source heat pump

From the point of the heating current market, heat pump has occupied more market share, the share of air source heat pump are also gradually increased, today we have to and you comprehensive analyze the effect of air source heat pump heating.

First we mentioned from heat pump, what is a heat pump, heat pump is through the use of energy industry and dispersing heat concentrated extract, and then gathered to where it is needed, the process requires a carrier, refrigerant, refrigerant, that is, as we know, probably is through the process of refrigerant in the evaporator heat evaporation become hot steam, and then into the compressor, the compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, and then let the constant pressure condenser cooling for low temperature high pressure liquid, then through the throttling become low temperature low pressure liquid, the formation of such a cycle process.Will principle analysis it is easy to find, these are the daily physical knowledge is applied to implement, without any chemical reaction, such as combustion process so to a certain extent, ensure the safety.

We use heat to the cold quantity through the phenomenon, can absorbs heat from low temperature to high temperature, so the heat pump can be seen as an energy boost device, this part of the process itself need to consume energy, typically consume electricity, heat can be realized, to complete the high grade heat supply.This way is the most clean, the way of environmental protection, can save a lot of high grade energy.

Air source heat pump and application of this principle, it is concentrated to absorb heat from the air heating, the maximum extent, realized energy saving and efficient, and it is to transfer heat to the water tank, by heating hot water heat transfer, thus has low energy consumption, low efficiency, quick heating, energy conservation, environmental protection, more secure.At the same time the heat transfer properties can also provide users with continuous hot water of life, in this respect, air source heat pump with a strong advantage.

Compared with the traditional heating, air source heat pump without burning process, when using, also do not need to worry about the fuel gas, etc. Of high energy consumption, high pollution and high cost of defects, greatly saves the operation cost, and it is different from solar heating, not affected by the external environment, wet weather can also be normal use, hotel, school, hotel, etc should be heating hot water is more preferred.